Stop unplanned downtime today


The PLEQ Predictive Maintenance Suite delivers modern
Cloud-connected sensor technology, a robust reliability framework
and a lean approach with actionable results for failing maintenance strategies.

PLEQ Predictive Maintenance Suite.

An all-in-one cost effective maintenance solution, built to prevent asset failure and lower operation costs

Why choose PLEQ?

Out-of-the-box plug and play devices

Smart Sensor and Cloud based solutions

24/7 monitoring and historic reporting

Today’s Maintenance Challenge

Each year the ‘Instantaneous Costs of Machine Failure’ accounts for trillions in lost profits to organisations.

Fixed and variable operating costs, the knock on consequential impact throughout companies and the reactive response, contributes to poor financial performance and spiralling maintenance costs.


The PLEQ PdM Suite can help ensure equipment remains operational, repairs are less costly and downtime is avoided.

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How does it work?

Connect sensors to your assets

PLEQ Smart Devices can be fitted to any piece of equipment and supports vibration and temperature monitoring out of the box.

Features of the PLEQ VTN-01 Smart Device

  • Machine Vibration Analysis compliant to ISO 10816
  • Temperature Analysis and sensors specified −40°C to +125°C
  • GPRS or Mesh based connectivity – Ready to work when you turn it on
  • On-device visual feedback
  • Rugged ABS casing

Subscribe users for 24/7 monitoring

Engineers and Managers decide who receive notifications, warnings and reports. Real-time dashboards and time-series charts give you peace of mind, and a global overview of operations

Features of the PLEQ PdM Manager Software

  • iOS apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Android apps for Smartphone and Tablets
  • Web access for reports, dashboards and user/device management
  • Email alerts
  • SMS alerts

Gain insight and prevent failures

Real-time telemetry, adaptive analytics engine and simple reporting structures, provides never before seen insights which gives new opportunities for predictive maintenance.

Effortless actionable insights

  • Simple to understand information, no experts required
  • Alerts directly to those who need to know
  • Analytics for any sensor or data source
  • Detect daily changes and abnormalities over time
  • On-demand, weekly or monthly reports, entirely customisable inline your KPI’s

Where PLEQ makes a difference

The PdM Suite and devices are being used to monitor vibration of rotating machinery, temperature of remote assets and have used modular sensors for monitoring electrical stations.

PLEQ solutions can be used across industries for Smarter Industry Maintenance.

Real-world use cases for PLEQ application for monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Building Services

Water & Waste Treatment



Automotive & Transportation

Civil & Structural Engineering

The PLEQ Range

PLEQ solution packages are design with flexibility in mind, they can grow with your maintenance and monitoring requirements.

The core solution packages are specifically built for onsite maintenance teams, offsite service firms and nationwide operational deployments.

Bespoke cost effective solutions are available to suit your requirements, just request a quote from our team.

Professional Package
Inclusive 6 month subscription
  • 8 x PLEQ VTN Analysis Device
  • 24/7 condition monitoring
  • GPRS connectivity
  • 12 month Cloud storage
  • Cloud analytics
  • Web Manager Access for reporting, dashboards and user/device management
  • Real-time notifications (Mobile App, Email and SMS)
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • 15 user license
  • 3 x Bespoke dashboard designs and customisations
  • Basic Customer Support
  • Buy today
All packages come with customer support, preliminary support to install, deploy and utilise PLEQ PdM. A fair usage policy applies to telemetry messaging which helps to keep costs low, this does not effect the detection of abnormalities.